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Riding solo in the City of Joy @500 bucks!

Let's face it, we all get to a point where we want to be just alone. We're out of money, excitement and probably friends. Yes, it's hard to believe but I guess that's the harsh reality. But, there is a silver lining. Look around you'll find a huge cultural heritage. From each chaiwala to some fried stuff street vendor. They all got their stories. Stop feeling pity for yourself and get out of house. Just wear a comfortable outfit and put your sneakers on. That's all what you really need when you're pretty low on budget but still want to 'treat yourself' with cheap thrills. Here's my own Hitchhiker's Guide to our Galaxy, our "Kokata" kolkata and thats too under ₹500 ($10)

No matter where you stay whether it's mainland Kolkata or across the Ganges, Howrah, the rising city. You can always find the heart of it, the lovely tea-stalls. You'll not only find tea but also different people's opinions on different subjects.

Start off…
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ADDICTION: It is not what we know!

What causes addiction? Pretty Easy it is, right? We all know that drugs are the cause of addiction. Well, maybe it ain’t that simple. It was almost certain for me to write a blog on this topic after reading ‘Chasing the Scream: The First and Last Days of the War on Drugs.’ Written by Johann Hari. I hope we do not break any copywrite laws here. But the book portrayed a very interesting and realistically logical perception about the word we all have heard of – ADDICTION.
Let’s say for example if someone will ask you how one gets addicted to heroin, you will instantaneously respond with an obvious answer that heroin is the cause of heroin addiction. Sound fair enough. Let us see how it works.
If you take heroin injections for 20 days, by the 21st day your body physically will yearn for the drug rapaciously as there are chemical hooks in the drug. And this is what addiction is. Right? Well, that is how we all know of what addiction is.
But what if I told you that everything about addiction is…

The Great Weed Conspiracy

Marijuana or Cannabis or Hemp or Ganja, many names for one great commodity - Weed is the most widely used illegal drug in the world with more than 125 million people consuming it in some way or the other every year. In India, marijuana use has been historically bound to religion and mysticism. It is claimed to be a drug that helps the ‘stoner’ attain
"ecstasy in the original sense of the word".

India has a heritage of charas (hash or hashish, which is made from weed seeds), bhang and weed for centuries. Although, enactment of stringent narcotic laws in 1986 made the production, transportation, sale and consumption of Cannabis illegal in the country. But why exactly is the ban?

Marijuana was not illegal from the very beginning, in fact it was completely legal in India till 1985. But after that under the pressure of the United States, Rajiv Gandhi’s Government put up a nationwide ban on cannabis. Although we humans are a bunch of hypocrites leave the politicians alone, because B…

Is Ed Sheeran coming to India?

Okay, what?
Ed Sheeran is coming to India and we're totally losing it! Well, according to his official website, he's coming to India as part of the Asia leg of his world tour. The ginger-haired singing sensation will perform in Mumbai on November 19.

His website properly reflects that the singer is scheduled to perform in Mumbai on November 19, and we're totally having a hard time keeping our calm. We just had Canadian heartthrob Justin Bieber performed here in DY Patil Stadium on 10th May as part of his Purpose World Tour. Seeing Sheeran's recent hits such as "Shape of You", "How Would You Feel" and "Galway Girl", it promises to be even a bigger event in the month of November.

"Thinking Out Loud" and "Photograph" hitmaker had previously announced that he was seeing way too much of the world through internet. So he chose to take a break from social media for months! But it was all worth it!
Well, we just can't keep…

8 Reasons to watch Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

The first Guardians of the Galaxy was released back in August 2014 and it took some of the enigmatic yet unknown/weird heroes from the Marvel Comics and put them in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and pushed them to household name. Now, all of a sudden we're all very comfortable with the ideas of a belligerent gun-totting raccoon with his "giving" tree saving the universe with a bunch of other misfits. And as its sequel - Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 is releasing tomorrow, we got some reasons why you should join Star-Lord (Crisp Rat, no it's Chris Pratt), not a legendary outlaw but as 1 time Galaxy saver and his friends at your nearest theatre.

An expanded family than ever!
Star-Lord, Gamora, Drax, Rocket Raccoon and Groot all had their tragic reasons for being alone in the universe, but by the end of Vol. 1, they had formed a full-fledged surrogate family. But wait, there's always room for more members, right? I mean just look at the Avengers. It had 6 members i…